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Kids Snow Shop

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Kids Snowboard Shop: all Snowboarding Trends

In our DC Snow Shop for kids you are certain to find exactly what you’re looking for without making any compromises in terms of performance or style. Keeping the indie vibe riding high, DC’s range of kids snow gear is developed to inspired the next generation of park rats and downhill junkies. Created using the same industry innovation as our pro-rider collection, this season’s snow clothes are built on a street to peak tip, offering urban essentials built for the inner city and developed for Mother Nature’s worst moods. Building an essential barrier against the elements, DC kids snow clothes kick ass – fact. Check out the DC Snow shop for sophisticated, highly breathable layers and wind and water-resistant outerwear. The DC Online Snow shop has all the snowboard clothing you need for kids, teenagers, boys and girls!

Shape up with kids snow gear from DC Snow shop

Destroying the status quo with snowboard clothing that’s built for the extremes, our snow gear is inspired by our skatey sense of style and refined for life in the big chill. Cutting loose and creating our own snowboard trends, our kids snow suits are styled on pro-approved designs that blend slick kickflip cool with streamlined shapes and innovative fabrics. No-complying our way to the top with a range of mix n’ match kids snowboard jackets and kids snow pants, our snowboard shop is stacked with the latest designs and breakthrough products that were developed with your favourite industry veterans.

DC Kids snow gear for mini ramp riders

Renowned as a mountain heavy hitter, our kids snow clothes are anything but cute. Kicking ass and taking names on the way to the top, our snow bibs and snow clothes lead the pack when it comes to form, fit and feel good factor. Creating a line of kids snow clothes that rethink the Rubix cube that is kids clothing, we’ve cracked the code to creating stylish designs that don’t substitute on performance. Offering a wide selection of kids ski clothes that have gained their own fan base thanks to their supreme ergonomics, our kids snow clothes aren’t a one winter wonder. Engineered for owning the half pipe, our curated collection of winter ski clothes for kids might be parent-approved but it also gets the thumbs up from our AM all stars and young guns, too. Making the park their playground, we take style advice from the kids that are changing the game. Knocking our heads together to create a selection of clothing and accessories that range from next-gen soft shell layers to classic kids snowboard hats, our latest drop of winter apparel works like a futuristic force field against the elements – offering laidback street style with powerful tech that’s guaranteed to push you further.

Buy kids snow clothes online at DC Snow shop

Wanna be part of the DC wrecking crew? You’ve got it. Just head over to the DC web store and get the low down on all the latest tech about to hit the mountain this winter – alongside heaps of industry news, exclusive collab projects, interviews, videos and more. Win big when you buy online thanks to our online deals, discounts and super fast shipping options for all of our virtual powder posse. Giving you the gear straight from our design floor to your door, getting ready for this season’s ride is hassle free, our kids snow clothes, hardware and accessories are all available right here, so you can clip in and style in record time.

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