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Powering precision in every stride, DC sports shoes are designed for leaders of the pack who never look back. A movement built on high ideas and street level innovation, our collection of sports shoes for men puts performance and push power first, integrating the finest industry technology with detailed down low designs. Offering all the latest sport shoes for men, let the good times roll with sports trainers from DC.


With a long line of forgotten left shoes hanging from telephone wires in our hood, we know what street level style looks like. It’s not about colours, fancy trims or luxury fabric, it’s about creating a connection to the cities you live in. Designed for the half pipe homeboy that stays true to his skate 2 live lifestyle, our sports trainers are tailor made to a rebellious undercurrent of rough railers that are riding high in sports shoes made for the thrill of it. Offering a selection of the latest sports shoes online, our no-comply classics and tech-rich pro models provide essential comfort, support and feel good factor that makes our designs the best shoes for all sports. Developed by a creative cross section of industry insiders and living legends, our latest sports shoes create connections between wearability and endurance – making sure our mens sports shoes can tackle any terrain. From sports shoes for men without lace to engineered high ankle sports shoes for men, DC is defining sports science with our selection of kick flip casuals and speed styles.


It all started with a pair of banged up lace ups with a rubber sole that was about ready to fall off. Fed up of sports shoes that couldn’t handle the daily grind, the original DC crew got together to create a selection of sports shoes for men that could withstand 8-hour skate park sessions and stair sets. Developed with hang-tough seams and durable fabrics, our rubber soled sports shoes started a revolution right there and then. Created with comfort soles to help reduce concrete impacts and padded with cushioning for better heel support, we didn’t realise it at the time, but what we’d started was a rubber revolution. Giving skate bums the tools to touch the sky, we’ve never looked back since. Sounds like a love story? Damn right it is. Head over to our sport shoes online store and see for yourself.


Looking for your next pair of sports shoes that can handle the street and the skate park? Discover the DC sports shoes page and check out this season’s hottest styles from the great and the good of skating’s elite. From local half pipe crews to industry insiders, we’ve teamed up with the most notorious names in skateboarding to give you a selection that ranges from everyday mens black sports shoes to white sport shoes and red sports shoes, explore the DC web store and get exclusive deals, discounts and offers on super-fast shipping when you shop online.

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