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DC New Skate Shop Collection Autumn / Winter 2024

Mobilizing a subculture of skating legends, DC is back this season with a new collection of street style classics. Riding high with a skate shop stacked with the sickest street level threads, our feral apparel and skate shoes are burning up the bowl and back alley with their fierce inner city attitude and careless approach to the status quo. Join a new urban skate tribe with DC’s collection of skate shoes and skate clothing.


Uniting performance and pop power together in a selection of streamlined designs, DC is revolutionising the skate scene with a spring summer collection of skate clothes that redefine the daily grind. Turning the urban wasteland into our playground, our new arrivals represent the best in mens skate style. Marking our turf with a range of simple skateboard accessories and a comprehensive selection of the best skate shoes, our dedication to defining skate culture starts at the half pipe and extends to the horizon. Working with a creative cross section of living legends and industry innovators, our range of cool skateboard accessories and skateboard shoes are made by the people and professionals that will live with them every day. Tried and tested by some of the world’s most notorious skate vanguards, our skateboard shop is packed with durable and design orientated skate gear that offers instant pop power and precision.


Turning 8-hour skate sessions into brainstorming business meetings, we’ve never worn a suit in our lives, and we don’t intend on starting now. Still a group of outlawed skate bums with a passion to turn their vision pro, we’ve spent almost three decades defining the skate scene from the inside out. More than just wheels and wood, our commitment to sports science has translated into a selection of accessories for skateboard that revolutionise simple styles into endurance essentials. Putting all our ideas to work on the street and the skate park, we know what it takes to really test our gear to the max. Riding rails and nailing stair sets on the quest for the coolest skate gear, our all-weather way of life means we’ve got the gear you’ll need to touch the sky – no matter how many road blocks Mother Nature puts in your way. From a fall winter collection that’s full of waterproofs and warm layers to summer styles for cruising between the beach and the street, keep it shady with DC skate wear.


An original park to street player, our new collection is all about chasing the high with a selection of skate essentials built for the brave. Packed with upper cut style and irreverent skate culture cool, our range of technically advanced skate accessories and mens clothing look to the past to inspire the future, designing bone crunching classics and everyday essentials that have been a part of skate style since way back when. Not one of your average online skate shops, we offer everything you’ll need to get off the ground. Buy online at the DC web store and get exclusive deals, discounts and offers on super fast shipping – only when you shop the new collection at the DC skate shop, today.

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