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Womens Softshells & Ski Fleeces Collection

Exploring new and uncharted territory on our quest for the finest powder and heavenly half pipes, our DC girl gang are on an endless search for the perfect ribboned pistes and pristine inclines. Never settling for second best, our mountain wear has to keep up with the pace, that’s why we’ve created this range of womens softshell jacket solutions. Putting up with the brute force of Mother Nature’s worst moods our selection of womens ski fleece styles offer an alternative to traditional mountain apparel, bringing urban aesthetics and cutting edge innovation together in one practical package.

Get high with womens ski fleece styles from DC

Built for the brave, DC offers radical riders and half pipe home girls the chance to touch the sky in custom built kit. Designed in-house by a creative cross section of team riders, product innovators and stylists, our street to peak aesthetic is perfectly represented in our collection of soft ski fleece layers and hybrid ski hoodies. More than meets the eye, our selection of ladies softshell jacket designs are developed to blur the lines between fashion and functionality – creating a new type of mountain outerwear that’s bulk free and endurance tested. Reinterpreting everyday casuals into hardworking winter layers, our ladies softshell jacket looks are crafted with discreet detailing woven into their design DNA. An all-weather option for layering up or styling out, our streamlined designs might look like their borrowed from the boys but, believe us, they were designed especially for you.

Wear it your way with womens softshell jacket alternatives from DC

Offering ultimate protection, our waterproof and warm womens ski fleece layers are ideal for extreme temperatures where intelligent fabric compositions and finite detailing make the difference between weathering the storm and heading back to base camp. On a completely different tip, our ski hoodies are built for styling out on blue bird days and killin’ it in the park. Inspired by the ever evolving world of urban riding, our long line womens softshell jacket styles are engineered as alternatives to heavy outerwear with all the urban swagger of a regular hoodie. Fully waterproof and designed with clever tech that keeps the snow out of your pants, our softshell jacket substitutes are voted as the best softshell jacket styles by queens of the hill all over the world.

Buy womens ski fleece looks online

Creating an inclusive environment for budding backyard babes and AM all-stars, the DC web store is more than just a shop, it’s a community of likeminded soul sisters. Swapping stories and uncovering talent, the DC team provide all the latest info on the snow sports scene direct from whatever hill we’re calling home that week. Keep up to date on all the news at our blog and head over to the online shop and explore this season’s biggest buys. Available to buy online, purchase one of our women ski fleece styles and get exclusive deals ,discounts and offers on super fast shipping – only when you shop online at DC.

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